Pararoja is an independent publishing house founded by a group visual artists. Its publications are in the form of "zines" and their production is self-financed. This project was born during July 2020 in Albania and aims to evaluate the alternative editorial handling of the artist's book, fanzine, poster, and other self-produced materials.

Pararoja also contains a curated edition where through selected themes it creates a dialogue

with local and regional contemporary artists, who are invited to produce a limited edition of zines. After the consultations for the layout of the mourning and its physical realization, the promotion of the next number is decided. Each edition consists of 4-5 zines where each artist brings the treatment of the respective topic according to the individual way. They are printed in 50 numbered copies using a photocopier or printer.

This platform serves not only for the promotion of self-made zine but also for the promotion of books and various artistic products.